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Reporter Mike Roberts of El Dorado Hills Village Life characterized the FIXEID web authors as watchdogs. The analogy is apt: They're vicious. Their actions are at risk of injuring both EID and its customers.

The main classes of problems with FIXEID and its supporters are:
  • Inadequate competence in understanding and analyzing EID business.
    They have amassed at least 200 detailed claims of EID wrongdoing:
    So far ALL that I have checked have been wrong to varying degrees.
  • Disruption of reasonable public processes through their own lack of civility.
    Their tone is combative and destructive instead of reasonable, constructive,
    and appropriately respectful.
  • Failure to communicate.
    They are unwilling to communicate, except to broadcast their claims
    and opinions. They have no public input process, and my experience
    has been that they are unwilling to engage privately.
Read with caution
if you visit
FIXEID signs

My own standards of ethics in public advocacy include four principles which the people of FIXEID and its main supporters violate consistently:
In light of these standards of ethics why am I criticizing the people of FIXEID?
Because the top-level problem is their performance.

The public should know that each the people named below have separately made it clear to me that either they are not interested in communicating or they refuse to communicate.

In this list of four individuals the top tier contains FIXEID's authors, Greg Prada and Jon Jakowatz. The second tier contains the two people who have been vocal in publication to support FIXEID's claims, John E. Thompson and Richard Boylan.

Greg Prada is a Cameron Park resident and by far the most prolific FIXEID writer.

Greg Prada is a resident of Cameron Park, possibly retired and possibly active as a consultant.  He was the dissident member on the Cost Of Services advisory committee in a number of 9-1 votes.. To date I have checked with two independent non-EID contacts who participated in the COS study. Both cited problems his interaction as being generally obstructive and in conflict with understandings and conclusions shared by all other committee members. Mr. Prada's writings usually have between 30 and 45 assertions per web page or other document which need to be checked to confirm factual and analytical validity. To date all that I have checked have fallen short.

A special note in detail page Prada_vs_Raveling attempts by example to answer a question raised by a comment from Greg Prada in one much-earlier email exchange. That question is basically "Which of us is nuts?"

Jon Jakowatz is an El Dorado Hills resident in Four Seasons and is the domain owner.

John Jakowatz is retired and has also been active in the Four Seasons Civic league. He and I have been in agreement on various other civic issues, especially on issues in route choice for the Sacramento Southeast Connector. With respect to EID and FIXEID, my limited communication with him was essentially futile.

John E. Thompson, Ph.D. is an El Dorado Hills resident in the Bass Lake area.

Dr. Thompson is retired and is the most active civic advocate in the Bass Lake Action Committee (see the BLAC web site, Through several years he served well in public advocacy. I was especially grateful for his support in the El Dorado Hills Citizens Alliance. He has demonstrated good competence except in the area of his support for FIXEID and his unwillingness to communicate about it. In addition to having simply stopped communicating with me personally, I have also heard a third-party report that may best be summarized as indicating he and BLAC ignored verbal communication regarding EID.

I particularly regret loss of John Thompson and BLAC as a reliable advocates for El Dorado Hills.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. is a Placerville resident.

I am uncertain whether Dr. Boylan is retired or active in unusual ventures (see his web site, He has supported FIXEID at times through letters-to-editor, especially in the Mountain Democrat, and through comments in public meetings. He explicitly asked to be excluded from communication about EID issues.

A note about Ph.D.'s:  To the nearest order of magnitude (1, 10, 100, 1,000...) I've known or worked with about 100 Ph.D's. This pair is two out of the total of 3 from that group who routinely append the "Ph.D. " abbreviation to their names. A number of others did this only in formal settings, such as their identification as authors of published research papers or technical reports.  These two also are the only Ph.D.'s who have chosen to avoid communicating with me. My conjecture is that their widespread use of the degree abbreviation is, metaphorically, a crutch to justify a closed mind.

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