Waterford monument at main entry

Waterford Owners Association

Contacts:    HOA property management, security patrol, directors and officers
                     Principal contact:  Kocal Management Group, 985-3633
                      property manager Melanie Scott   (Ext. 103)
                                  assisted by Rachael Groves   (Ext. 101)

Current Topics:

Traffic Issues
Street MapWaterford street map

CC&R's of greatest interest to owners
2003 amendments
      Section 8.01  Residential Use
Section 8.12  Variances
Articles 5 - 8      (8 MB pdf file, high resolution scan)
Article 5:  Architectural Control
Article 6:  Minimum Construction Standards
Article 7:  Allocation of Maintenance and Repair Obligations Among the Association and the Owners
Article 8:  Use Restrictions
Complete governing documents
CC&Rs:  Complete, adopted in 1999 to replace the 1988 CC&Rs.
First amendment to current (1999) CC&Rs    (adopted in 2003)
Caution: About 1/3 of the Waterford bylaws have been contradicted and overridden by a change in California state law. The most recent advice from our attorney indicated that it still too early to rewrite the bylaws because of problems and uncertainties in the revisions to state law (California Civil Code, Davis-Stirling Act).
Articles of Incorporation

Waterford Wildlife article archives


Property Management:        Kocal Management Group
    (916) 985-3633   FAX:  (916) 985-3744

            P.O. Box 1459
            Folsom, CA 95763-1459

    Ext. 103:    Melanie Scott, Association Manager
     Ext. 101:    Rachael Groves, Assistant Association Manager

   Kocal is the central contact point for all Owners Association business.

Security Patrol:       Capital Private Patrol
    (530) 672-8500     office

Association Directors and Officers: 

President Paul Raveling
Vice President Dave Costantini
Secretary Diana Vaughn
CFO Jeff Wilcox
Director Warren Green

Contacts beyond the neighborhood:

See the Directory page on the web site of the El Dorado Hills Citizens Alliance

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