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  • The latest updates to affiliated website are notes regarding opposition by EID directors Prada and Day to the constitutional rights of the public for access to public records.

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Freakout:  Trump and the millenial RepublicansAbout Trump, it's time to freak out and speak out!!!

Trump and Megalomania

Summary by historian David McCullough:  Donald Trump was
"the least qualified candidate for the presidency in American history".  ... "unwise, plainly unprepared, unqualifed, and it seems unhinged" -- quoted from C-SPAN interview, April 12, 2017

"I used to live in the USA. Now I live in the USC, Unhinged State of Chaos, with motto embossed in brilliant gold lettering: "Destroy, Denigrate, Defame, Dilute, Dismiss, Divide, Donaldize." -- excerpted from a letter to editor in Sacramento Bee, July 29, 2017
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               F-104, open cockpit day, 2/6/2016Notes collected by a docent at Sacramento's
Aerospace Museum of California


Next Open Cockpit Day:  Saturday, April 8

Cockpits and cabins of many of our Airpark's 35 aircraft will be open for visitation. This docent will invite everyone to sit in the cockpit of our F-104B, whose best-known pilot was Neil Armstrong.

Dash80 Section Dash-80 -- The first 707
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Sierrafoot has begun a major renovation, which will proceed gradually through 2016 and 2017.  Remaining contents in the Air and Space section are retained and are undergoing updates, other sections are being cleaned out.
[Confession:  Not much happened in 2016, mainly because I prepared to run for the EID Board of Directors in Division 5, then shortly before time to file I switched to support another candidate as his campaign treasurer. The main change was starting up, which will be a continuing focus in 2017.]]

The first updates will be in the X-15  History section, including a new X-15 adventure story for Major Robert M. White's world official altitude record flight for winged aircraft on July 17, 1962. Also, a new subsection is being added for notes by a docent (this author) at the Aerospace Museum of California. The home page will retain the news box below on the status of Folsom Lake, occasionally with other notes on the California drought.

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