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Quick Bulletin updates are planned to be daily in the box below on Folsom Lake water storage
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Folsom Lake:  Daily projections to dates of significant low-water levels
based on current day's storage level and preceding five days' average storage depletion
Daily Data
Estimated days
to start of EID use
of floating pumps
Projected date,
EID switches to
floating pumps
Estimated days
to dead pool
Projected date,
Folsom Lake
is dead pool
8/29/2015 22 September 20 47 October 15
Storage on this date was 198,202 acre fees. Daily single-day storage depletion was 1,684 acre feet.
News: Daily outflow was reduced on 8/27/2015. Immediately prior to that change the projected dates were September 15 for EID to start using floating pumps and October 8 for dead pool.
Corresponding projections on 8/5/2015 were September 3 for EID's switch to floating pumps and September 18 for dead pool.

 2013/2014 Local Issues ft14
Mather Airport Mather Airport air cargo noise hoax

The public outcry in El Dorado Hills and Folsom is nonsense:
It has nothing to do with reality, which is "rirght out there in plain (plane) sight. It's a campaign of artificial outrage manufactured by a group now organized as CRMA, Communities for a Responsible Mather Airport.

This is a new section, under construction beginning June, 2015.
It replaces the prior three sections on the same topic, which
dated from 2003, 2008, and 2012. The new section is briefer but includes substantial sections for noise data and reference documents.
  Subsection icon for EID 2013         EID 2013 fact checks and analysis         Notes and analysis on EID issues

Water and Wastewater services
supplied by the El Dorado Irrigation District
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El Dorado Hills
& El Dorado County
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 Air and Space ft14
  Subsection icon for X15 X15 Section X-15 -- Hypersonic History
Dash80 Section Dash-80 -- The first 707
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ft11  Past Topics in public affairs
NASDAQ Composite graph icon An economic indicator:
NASDAQ Composite Index

Caduseus USA health care metrics

We have the world's most
health care, and it's only 37th best in the world.

Road signs pointing to Lies & Truth Political partisanship reviews

Watch out for cow pies in the partisan pasture.

The local freighter haters are back, watch out for flying baloney...
2012 & later updates           2008, main notes              2003, noise tests
A300-600F, no baloney please          UPS freighter, turning          NASA transport overhead, thumbnail
FIXEID Wrong What's wrong with FIXEID

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Quick Bulletin:
Actual audited El Dorado County top-level financial history, 2005 through 2014
El Dorado County finaces & Terri Daly
El Dorado County Financial Results Table
Same content as a pdf file:
El Dorado County Financial Results & CAO Terri Daly, Top-Level Summary